Felidae Trick

by Felidae

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Omer Lichtenstein has been recording his music from September 2009 untill the end of 2010, and now he promotes it and performs with his band - Felidae Trick. The show is combined with songs from the album and new songs. Before then, he was a member in Zoopub, to whom he would like to thank for a joyful and enriching time.
Music, lyrics and arrangements are done by Omer Lichtenstein. In the songs above, he sang and played all instruments except drums, bass and violin. The players on the recordings are mentioned in the songs' credits. Joni Danino was the main sound technician and coproducer, and has been helpful with a bundle of advice. Other technicians: Yaniv Paz, Bill Tsur and Shai Sivan. The songs above were mixed by Simon Vinestock and mastered by Tali Cuts. Most of the music was recorded at Bardo studios. Some of the drums were recorded at DB studios (technician - Keren Or Biton). Piano was recorded at Eldad Zitrin studios. These days Felidae Trick performs all around Israel and specially in Tel Aviv. Facebook: www.facebook.com/felidae.trick ... Email: felidae@anaphorarecords.com
Omer Lichtenstein - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard , Lior Ozeri / Shy Oren - Bass , Liron Zangy / Tomer Zidkiyahu - Drums


released August 27, 2011


all rights reserved



Felidae Berlin, Germany

The first sign of life from Felidae came on summer 2011. Afterwards, Omer gathered together with the producer Peter Walsh (Simple Minds) to work on She Goes Away EP. The new album Patrimony is the first to be recorded completely in Berlin, and was produced by Zare Pak (Siddharta).
This Indie - New Wave band with oriental flavour is influenced by bands like The Cure, Nirvana and more.
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Track Name: Happy Peasants
Happy peasants
winter comes around
happy peasants
send them far away
can not hold my deepest thoughts
will we live or will we die
little mom said as we drove
have no fear I'm on your side

Is it real or is it just a dream?
Then we took a sharp turn
One could hear my silent cry
Little mom then asked for more
I love you, will you be mine?
Track Name: Fall Into Their Arms
It hit me so clearly that night
burning my eyes
Head on the door
Sky from above
I'm ready to fight
Ugly dolls were floating around
heavily doped
How couldn't I see this before?
Now I'm all alone

We sat in your room
Thrown books on the side
Your skin felt so fresh
for no one to touch
They've never let you be
just what you are
It always comes to the same
You fall into their arms

I was a weird boy
I liked sinking in dreams
Head on the floor
Sky from above
The nightmare begins
Toys of wool were dancing around
brutally cruel
How couldn't I see this by now?
Well, I'm such a fool

Still in your room
miserable ones
I really wanted to hold you
but you're not to be trusted
They've never let you be
just what you are
But it's always the same
You fall into their arms
Track Name: In Walked Europe
My first Impression
Well, I'm definitely not the first
To be told across the world
To be sung across the land

Why be afraid if you can obey?
To be sung across the world
In walked Europe

Don't return what you got until
what's yours is returned to you
Track Name: All Parents' Kids
See our hair in a different style
Hanging with us for a little while
and you'd feel so real

Meeting at the corner the very right man
Charming you, enlightening you
But you wouldn't understand a word he says

Filling up the bottle to the right extension
Meeting other people with no direction at all
Just playing the role

Fate, Dope, whatever comes across
Boys, Girls, and those who forget their names
We talked and we laughed
We never had to stop
but as we're through
has it all been true?

Wit, Grace, whatever I may fake
Rush beats per minute
Global warming preachers
We talked and we laughed
We never had to stop
So cool how we all obey the rules
Track Name: Grow In Pain
Where I come from
nobody's happy at all

One child is born
One child says
Please, leave me alone

Poor child I was
So much love needs to be shown

Suicidal thoughts in my head
Suicide, it's ok

You don't have much time
You don't need wasting your time on me
on you

I remember those days when I hardly could speak
I remember those days when I felt so weak

"I used to love you", oh she said
but now it's over
Little children grow in pain
but now it's over
Track Name: Reach For The Joy
Looking at a withering tree, sadly pleased
Standing in an endless field, feels so real
So depressed, so alive
Think of all the joy I could have reached, poor me

Anywhere, anytime
I don't care, I don't mind
One more shot, just a glimpse
And you didn't notice and it's gone
Better run
I'm running and I can not see the end
I'm running and I can't reach for the joy

Sometimes I take the wrong turn, want to get away
Oh you such a complicated boy, there's a price to pay
I'm trying very hard to do it well, someday I will learn
Track Name: The Felidae Trick
The room of pure, the room of stars that shine
You never let me in
A love of me is real but as I go inside
I'm sorry you said you must leave, someone at the door
So one bright day I knew I had it
I knew that did it
So I took myself far away to this party
And there were guys, and the guys were drinking
While sniffing lines of coke
Beautiful lines, ugly people with ugly faces
Living their ugly lives day by day on these empty streets at night
And what about the Christian image of life?
I hate god, I detest my land, the holy land
Occupied by, occupied with
Never take it if you don't like it
Still no idea what you bought
and what your kids are made of
I can't go ahead, and I won't be left behind
And the party just went better and better and
But, I had to leave, to sleep it over, you know
And in the very deep of night
A brutal attack on the alleys nearby
No one heard, no one sensed
It's the felidae trick, the felidae game we play, off it pays
Pretend to a cat, the spiritual life
Colour your face, drink all of your shot
And when you can't get lost, you can't be found
And when you can't be found, it all looks the same
You took more than you could have bared
wish you could have started it all over
Track Name: Love Can't Wait
So I retreat
Come to me
Know it is real
Love and tears in my ears
If you want to love me
here I am standing now
if you want to hurt me go ahead
kill me now with a knife
From sweat and pain, you grow grain
It won't help me if I cry loud
I am lost again
Track Name: Lately
"Lately nothing goes right to me"
you said, and I haven't told you why
I could have lit you up
and you would be so occupied
But I'd love to see you sad
You'll never change
And I'm so grown

Reading books and watching tele
Never let get yourself drifted away

So, should I keep you so tame?
Track Name: Getting Old
"Getting old, I'm a wreck"
You told me then, "that's life"
If you had to go through it all again
Would you do it as before? I would
Back at the old days
Cure on the stereo
No, it hasn't left me yet

I saw you smile while I was off the wall
You were so glad to have seen me fall
But I was too good, so considerate
And you were such a dick
when I needed you

I enjoyed so much, visions in my head
Moving through the country, Everywhere
Take a little bit from here and a little bit from there
You never cared

Break your tough image
Show regret to him
Don't try to decorate it
Don't hold back the feelings

So it goes to show
Inside yourself it grows
So the more you hold
The greater it explodes

Show deep sorrow
Track Name: The Holy Grail
Grails, some believe they are there
well, I don't
Grails, welcoming you to their crowd
you'll be seeing one step ahead
Grails, nothing's there to see
you'll be conveying a message in the name of me

Tales, don't give me that necessity thing
oh needs… A man should also dream
Males, so hale so smart so strong, but still
misleading along the way
telling you you were wrong through the years
your body your soul, And the tears
that you poured were the means to take over
if you show more and more that you wanted to leave
You'd love to get out but you've never been in

Grails, some believe they are there
well, I don’t
Failed to fulfill your own will
You'll see that I'm a bit like him
An ambitious young supreme
You'll be speaking in the name of me
I told you so

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